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I live to fly fish. Steelhead are my passion but I fly fish for anything that swims.  I live in North Eastern Ohio just a short drive from dozens of steelhead streams.  I have fly fished these streams my entire life.  Ohio fly fishing for steelhead keeps getting better each year.  Lake Erie provides the ideal environment to raise huge numbers of steelhead trout and our fishery is thriving.

 I am an Ohio Steelhead Guide.  I fly fish or guide almost every day of the steelhead season.  Our steelhead migrate from Lake Erie to its feeder streams in October.  The Steelhead will remain in the streams through the winter and the numbers build.  In March and April spawning activity will peak.  In early May stream temperatures will rise and the steelhead once again migrate back to Lake Erie.

 My Steelhead fly fishing season starts in Early October in the lower rivers in Ohio.  Our fish stage at the stream mouths waiting for high water needed to migrate upstream.  These steelhead fresh from lake Erie are the best fighters of the season.  Multiple jumps are the norm.  They are fresh from the depths of Lake Erie and can be very wary.  Most anglers and guides find these fresh fish difficult.  I have developed my own unique fly fishing techniques and patterns that work well on these staging fish.

 Being an Ohio Steelhead Guide means I often fish in less than ideal conditions.  November rains that flood the streams bring in waves of steelhead.  So often were standing in the rain fighting fish after fish this time of year.  Were constantly on the move chasing prime stream conditions as our stream levels wildly fluctuate during rainy periods. The crystal clear stream you fish in the morning might look like chocolate milk by lunch but the next stream down the line might not come up at all.  This is when local knowledge of our watersheds pays off. 

Ohio fly fishing can be very challenging during the winter months. Anglers who are up to the challenge are often rewarded with big fish. I have had days where we have to keep running back to the car to thaw out frozen gear and fingers. Sometimes we are plowing thru knee deep snow and breaking side ice just to get our line in the water.  Sound fun ?  If you answered yes, give me a call..  It's what I do and I love the challenge.

Spring is Steelhead time in Ohio.  During the spring season our fish migrate to shallow water to spawn.  Our steelhead do not naturally reproduce so there is no closed season to protect spawning fish in Ohio.  This is Fly Fishing time in Ohio.  We can sight fish from Late March thru Early May.  Our fish feed thru the spawn and some consider this the best time to fish. 

I fish year round and my efforts switch to warm water species during the summer months. North Eastern Ohio has many great fisheries waiting for you to discover.  Give me a call and I'll do my best to make your Ohio fly fishing adventure a memorable one.


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If your interested in an Ohio Guided Fly Fishing adventure give me a call

Ohio Steelhead Guide

Travis McAllister


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I network with a group of the best local Ohio Steelhead Guides at Steelheadschool.com We also offer a bi-annual SteelheadSchool


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